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Handyman Services Videos

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Handyman Services Videos

Handyman services videos provide the needed proof you need to know if you are hiring a handyman who is knowledgeable and possesses the mastery of the trade skill requires for your home improvement project.

What better way to see if you want to hire local handyman services than to watch him in action.

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Hiring A Handyman Can Be Risky

There are a number of risks taken into consideration when hiring a handyman without knowing his character and his abilities:

  • Does he possess a mastery of his trade skill?
  • Can he explain to you how he is going to do?
  • Does he follow step by step methods or does he take risky shortcuts that you’ll regret later?
  • Does he provide a quality, finished product?

Handyman services videos will give you a better understanding of how and if a local handyman fully comprehends the process of providing you with quality craftsmanship.

When watching any handyman services videos, make sure you listen to see if he explains any process in clear and comprehensive step by step method.

This will ensure that you will end up with a reliable product or service that you can depend upon.

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Local Handyman Services Are Not All The Same!

Handyman services videos give you a better idea if the local handyman services in your area is worth investing in!

If you are shopping for the best price alone, you will always get what you pay for.

Hiring a local affordable handyman can sometimes cost you more than what you bargain for!

Having to hire another handyman to come into your home to straighten out his mess can cost you dearly.

The solution in avoiding this dilemma is to see if he knows what he is talking about and see his finished product so you won’t get caught in a bad situation!

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Affordable Reliable Handyman Services in Douglasville

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ByRick Patterson

The Lazy Way To Organize Your Corner Cabinets

By: Leah Perry

Half-Moon Lazy Susan
Try a half-moon blind corner Lazy Susan to organize a blind corner cabinet. These double-shelf systems fit almost any size cabinet. Available in many different finishes, you can find the style to match your cabinet. With many fine details, such as thick edges that keep items from falling off, these shelves are designed to bring you more storage space.

D-Shaped Lazy Susan
The D-Shaped Lazy Susan creates more space inside diagonal corner cabinets. Different finishes and materials make these shelves not only sensible, but attractive as well. Whatever you choose to use the shelves for, the independently rotating feature means you can reach exactly what you want without having other items getting in the way. The height of the Lazy Susan adjusts easily to any modifications you might require and the different diameter options make it simple for you to install and enjoy the system.

Full-Circle Lazy Susan
Alternatively, you can opt for a full-circle Lazy Susan that comes in a wide variety of different heights and diameters. The versatility of this Lazy Susan accepts one, two, and even up to three independently rotating shelves. Youll be able to maximize the amount of space in your cabinet and always find what youre looking for.

Kidney-Shaped Lazy Susan
If you have a hinged-door corner cabinet and cant find any suitable shelving why not try a kidney shelf set? Designed to fit around the internal shape of the door, these shelves make organizing a breeze. With styles from sleek chrome to warm wooden trims or even solid colored plastic, kidney-shaped Lazy Susans will match any cabinets and dcor. The non-skid surface will ensure your things stay put, and the solid construction makes a product youll be satisfied with for years.

Pie-Cut Lazy Susan
Perhaps your storage needs are a bit more robust. A sturdy pie-cut Lazy Susan is the answer to your needs. Supported by both your cabinet door and an interior shaft, pie-cut shelves are strong and resilient. The rugged trays brace the weight of large bags of kitty litter, heavy, filled bottles and the like. Whatever the shape of your cabinet, this Pie-Cut Lazy Susan accommodates itself to it easily. Many sizes of fixtures are available and a telescoping shaft allows you to adjust the height of your Lazy Susan with minimal effort.

There are Lazy Susans to fit many budgets, styles, and organizational requirements. So get organized the lazy way and reserve your extra energy for the projects that require it.


ByRick Patterson

Bunk Bed And Trundle Plans

By: Denis S

Before you start making your trundle bed, search for the trundle bed kits which can make your undertaking much easier. It will only require some trundle bed assembly and contains manuals how to do it. So there won’t be any problems with that. Still this may not fit everyone since you need the kit wich will ideally suit your bed. It is when you may try to make a trundle bed by yourself.

In the beginning you have to get some good instruments and bunk bed and trundle plans (the first you need if you plan to make a bunk bed with trundle). The first step is to measure everything, especially the height of a trundle bed with mattress to make it nicely fit beneath the main bed.

The next step is making a wood frame,where you have to provide boards to the bottom of the plywood base and add sides. To strengthen the corners use L-brackets.

You can purchase cut to size plywood at many home improvement centers or trundle bed hardware stores, which will substantially reduce your workload, the time you spend on the undertaking. The wood must be sanded and passed over before you put primer or paint on it.

When you finish the frame, you can make it to glide easily by mounting trundle bed wheels or casters. You may like to impart drawer pulls to the front to make the trundle bed easier to pull out.


ByRick Patterson

Build Your Own Cedar Closet Without Breaking The Bank

By: Stacey Moore

The trade magazine Closets notes that the average price of a master bedroom closet installation is more than $3,500-mostly from creating a custom closet with lots of shelves and drawers.

Cedar closets are starting to capture the attention of many consumers across the country. What’s the attraction? A cedar closet offers benefits you can’t find with other products, such as repelling and resisting moths, roaches, silverfish and mildew; providing a wonderful cedar scent; and being safer than mothballs and smelling better.

A Lower-Cost DIY Alternative

Professionally installed cedar closets can be expensive, but they don’t have to be a luxury. One way to update your closet without breaking the bank is by installing cedar closet liners on your own.

“You can create a beautiful cedar closet using do-it-yourself, easy-to-install cedar panels or planks for $150 to $360 for a standard-size closet,” says Simpson.

CedarSafe Natural Closet Liner planks and panels are made of 100 percent Aromatic Eastern Redcedar and line the walls of the closet. Both liners work well with standard or custom racking, shelving, storage drawers and cabinetry.

Any closet in the house is perfect for cedar closet liners. You choose the look you want, measure your space and install it in a matter of hours.

CedarSafe Natural Closet Liner planks and panels are available in the paneling or closet departments of Ace Hardware, Do It Best, The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Menards, True Value, as well as in lumberyards throughout the United States and Canada.


ByRick Patterson

Do It Yourself Shelving For Garage Storage

By: Leroy Calstard

Are you using your garage for little more than parking your car? You’re missing out on the perfect place for storing everything from sporting equipment to Christmas decorations. If you’re thinking that there’s no space for garage storage then maybe you need some shelving to increase your storage space. Here are some tips to buying storing shelves for your garage.
Shelving can be found at any home improvement or hardware store. There are two basic types of shelving which includes prefabricated shelves and ones that can be made in your garage. The prefabricated shelving is usually self enclosed where as shelving kits are designed for mounting on your garage wall.
Shelving kits for building your own shelving is usually a inch length of plywood, brackets and strips to attach the brackets. The piece of plywood varies depending on the length you need. They usually come in standard sizes or you can have them cut (or cut them yourself) to fit your needs. While you generally won’t care about the aesthetics, you can buy them pre-laminated so spills are easier to clean up. The strips for attaching the brackets have several slots so the shelving can be easily adjusted once mounted. If you’re not affixing the strips to a stud then you’ll need appropriate anchors as well.
Make sure you heed the weight requirements of all equipment. Brackets and anchors will clearly state their recommended maximum weight range. It’s always better to err on the side of safety and get equipment that can hold more than less. You never know what you’ll be storing on the shelves in the future.
The depth of your shelving depends on what your needs are but the standard is between 19 and 25 inches. A good idea is to set out everything you want to place on the shelves and then determine what you need. If you’re still unsure then just stick to the standard sizes.
There is also floor or ceiling mounted shelving which can also be a huge space saver. 2×4’s are attached to the flooring or ceiling in an “L” shape and then the shelving is attaches to the 2×4’s.
Prefabricated shelving comes in a variety of styles and materials. If you’ll be storing lightweight items such as boxes of Christmas decorations, then plastic shelving will do the trick. They come in various sizes and they’re stackable so you can buy as many shelves and supports as you need. There is also metal shelving for your heavier items. They are great for durability but usually can’t be altered or added to so customization may not be an option. Prefabricated metal shelving should be adjustable so it can accommodate items of different heights.
Now that you have a rundown of shelving you’re ready to use your garage for more than just a car.