Just how important is winterizing your home effectively?


Ask this recent client who had no idea how to prevent this her third episode of water damage from the same exposed water line!




Wintering your home can be very simple if you chose to do it yourself.


The first and simplest task is to turn off the water supply to the exterior faucets.

Try these 3 simple steps to winterizing your home ensuring that you do not have the awful plumbing predicament of water damage inside your home!


  • Locate the Water Cut Off


The water cut off valve is usually located in the interior plumbing of basement level.

Do not be dismayed if you cannot find the water cut off valve. Most homeowners have a difficult time in finding the cut off valves. Just visually follow the water supply lines until you find them.


  • Turning the Cut Off Valve


Once you have found the cut off valve, gently turn the lever to a position that is purpendicular to the water supply line, a “T” formation to the water supply line.

If your cut off valve is circular in nature, as in a turning a “wheel” or knob, simply turn the knob in a clockwise manner until the knob stops.

In any case, once the water supply lines to your exterior faucets are sufficiently secured, go outside to ensure the water supply lines have been turned off for the winter.

  • Covering the Faucet

Some homeowners will also cover their outside water faucets with an additional insulation to ensure their water lines are kept from freezing. You may purchase an exterior water faucet insulation cap at your local hardware store. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions with the package.


These 3 simple steps to winterizing your home will ensure that you do not have any surprises with extensive water damage in your home.


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