Knowing what to do when your water pipes freeze and rupture inside your home can be the most powerful position in managing a home maintenance and repair issue.

Here a few quick steps you can take when you experience a ruptured frozen water pipe.

Have a “Game Plan”

The best tool in handling home maintenance and repair projects and emergencies is to have a “game plan”. Knowledge in a home repair emergency will equip you with a plan of action that can be execured quickly and efficiently. Know where the main water cut off valve is to your home, know how to turn the water off to your home, and know who to call. Be like the boyscouts, “Be prepared”.

Know where the main water cut off valve is to your home

There are two locations you need to become very familiar with when kow where to turn off the water to your home in case of an emergency.

One location is at the street in front of your home at least 2-8 feet from the curb. If you do not see the water meter cover, call the water department and have a technician come to your home and flag the location of the water meter. Most water meters nowadays are all electronic and are read from a remote reader as the water meter reader’s truck passes by, so your meter may be over grown with grass or covered with sod. Using a water meter key, simply raise the cover, slip the key over the water cut off valve and turn until the vlave is purpendicular to the water main leading to your home. Cover the water meter before you return to your home. You are liable for any injuries to innocent by-passers.

The second location to a water cut off valve may be inside your home. Not all homes have an interior water cut off valve, so locate this as soon as possible and know how to turn it off. You can have a plumber come to your home to locate the water cut off valve if you are having any difficulty locating it. Having a knowledge of the location and procedure will safe you any further damage and home repair.

Know who to call

Having a working relationship with a plumber can be beneficial especially in an emergency. Call the plumbing service company and introduce yourself. Get the name of their most reliable plumber. Inform them that you are looking for a company that is relaible and can assist you quickly in case of an emergency. Ask for references to ensure prompt, courteous, and professional service.

Call your homeowner’s insurance company. Let the agent know what has happened and give as much information as possible. Ask for an adjuster to come to your home so your can get your home repair completed quickly.

Be available for the home repairs. Yes, having a ruptured frozen water pipe is an interruption to everyone’s life. Your plumber, handyman, insurance adjuster will need you to be available so they can get your home fully functional again as quickly as possible.


Having a “Game Plan” and following these few simple steps will save you time and money in handling a ruptured frozen water pipe.

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